The PaddleCart - kayak and canoe cart.

The "Ultimate" kayak cart and canoe cart is designed with one goal in mind... To make getting your kayak or canoe to the waters edge as easy as possible.

The PaddleCart kayak cart and canoe cart was born from the frustration of trying to lug a heavy kayak to some of the more beautiful rivers in the lowcountry of South Carolina. Not satisfied with the other kayak carts on the market, we set about on the adventure of building the "Ultimate" kayak cart and canoe cart. With a radically different design philosophy, the PaddleCart is unlike any other cart on the is why:


·         Easy to Stow (put the parts where you want) - The PaddleCart's innovative design allows you to disassemble it into five relatively small parts. This makes it much easier to stow in your kayak or canoe if you want to take it with you on your voyage. Simply stow the parts of the cart in different areas of your craft to ensure your comfort. Most other carts on the market fold up but are still too bulky to easily stow in the small confines of your typical kayak or canoe.


  • Built Strong - The PaddleCart kayak cart is built from brushed marine grade anodized aluminum pipe with a stainless steel rod (not thin tubing or plastic) then precision welded into a durable frame. No bolts to come loose on the trail. The PaddleCart's parts assemble quickly using two hoop spring lynch pins for the crossmembers and two circle spring lynch pins for the wheels.


  • More Stability - The PaddleCart kayak cart has more contact area with the hull of your kayak or canoe for better support, stability and security. The cross-members cradle your kayak or canoe over a 20" length on both sides. More support along with a wide 24" wheel axle means more stability. We also use a thick cushion pad that "grips" your kayak and canoe along with a 1.5" strap with a camlock buckle to secure everything in place. The cart is designed to sit just aft of the center point (almost balanced) for easy portage. You can either push it or pull it... your choice.>

Even with its rugged durability the PaddleCart kayak cart weighs in at a light 9.4 pounds. It easily and quickly comes apart so that you can take it with you on your paddling need to drag is back to you car or worry with hiding it. It comes apart or goes back together in under 27 seconds...using simple lynch pins that self lock.


The PaddleCart kayak cart has been static load tested to over 300 pounds but we recommend keeping the load under 200 pounds on those rugged trails.


And we took the time to make sure that the design is easy to load as well. Because of the PaddleCart kayak carts sturdy design, it is very easy to load a kayak or canoe on top (it won't collapse like some of the other carts on the market).

Order one today and find out for yourself why the PaddleCart truly is the "Ultimate" kayak cart and canoe cart and the easiest way to get your kayak or canoe to the waters edge.



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