Want to make your entire adventure "human powered"?

Then use the Tagalong kayak and canoe bike trailer and completely lose the car. Even the Prius owners will be envious of the mileage you are getting!

We are getting tons of interest in this product as folks try to break their dependence on the the gas pump... The Tagalong makes getting your kayak or canoe to the waters edge easy and infinitely more satisfying.

Our newest product... the Tagalong Bike Trailer

New Universal Design... fits Kayaks and Canoes from 10 feet to 18 feet! Breaks down to sections less than 6 feet for easy storage...

Many folks have asked for it and here it is. Our very own bike trailer. Like our PaddleCart and Dually, the Tagalong Bike Trailer is built tough. Made from bright anodized marine grade schedule 40 aluminum pipe, the Tagalong will handle miles and miles of open road happily following you and your bike to your favorite paddling areas.

A cool feature of the bike trailer is that it is easily convertible to a standard PaddleCart. Just remove a spring hoop lynch pin and the trailer becomes a cart. (You don't even need to take the kayak or canoe off first). That way when the bike trail ends but the waters edge is still a haul, you can walk the final steps easily toting your kayak or canoe along. .

The Tagalong easily attaches to any bicycles seat post with its simple "hitch" system. It features a simple U bolt attachment that requires about 2 minutes and a 1/2 inch wrench (or pliers or adjustable wrench) to put on. And once installed, its unobtrusive and can be left in place without interfering with your normal biking activities.

After you have mounted the "hitch" to your seat post, you can attach the trailer quickly by simply sliding the rubber sleeve over the hitch post and inserting the hoop spring lynch pin. It's really easier to do than to describe

Want to remove the trailer? Just remove the hoop spring lynch pin and slide the rubber sleeve off. And all this can be done with the kayak or canoe loaded or unloaded..

The "universal" joint is a sturdy spring that is enclosed in a thick rubber sleeve (no "pinch" points). The spring allows the bike and trailer to articulate in any direction without binding or stress on the bike or trailer. This mechanism works so well you can lay the bike down on the ground and the trailer (and your kayak or canoe) will stay upright. It's a simple system but very effective and durable. Like our standard PaddleCart, the Tagalong disassembles into relatively small sections for easy storage. The longest sections are only 72" long. No need to dedicate a huge chunk of storage space to the Tagalong.

The Tagalong is simple to put together and take apart. It uses simple "hoop spring" lynch pins. The unique and innovative design can be assembled in various ways to accommodate any hull design. From short yaks to long canoes, the Tagalong is the easiest way to get your craft to the waters edge!

The Tagalong is offered with an option of 2 different front cradles included in the price. You will recieve one of either the curved front cradle which measures 17 inches inside the 2 padded arms, or the V front cradle. The curved cradle is for wider kayaks and the V front cradle is for narrow kayaks and measures 15 inches inside the 2 padded arms.


Please click on the image of the front cradle you would like shipped with your order.




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