Dually Paddlecart

Built on the same tough aluminum frame as our popular Paddlecart, the dually features two tires on each side instead of just one, which makes for easier travel over soft terrain. The increased surface area of the two extra tires makes the cart easy to pull through even the softest sand or mud, despite the weight of the kayak or canoe it make be carrying! The Dually is a few pounds more than the standard Paddlecart, weighing in at less than 12 pounds. Other than the extra wheels, the dually has all the features of the standard Paddlecart and comes ready to put together and use. Assembly and loading are virtually the same.


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Assembly Details:
Weight: 12 lbs
Width: 23.5″
Number of Wheels: 4
Tire Diameter: 12″
Tire Bearing Diameter: 1/2″
Max Weight Recommended: 200 lbs

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